5 pakistani celebrities Stories that went from fat to smart


When we think about celebrities, a slim, smart and well maintained person comes to our mind. But, it takes a lot of effort and dedication to get a smart and well toned body. Although some of them go through a crash diet plan and shed a lot of weight within a couple of months, whereas some of them put a lot of hard work, clean eating and dedication to shed the extra pounds in a proper frame of time. So here is a list of five of our Pakistani celebrities along with their weight loss journey.

Hira mahi slim

HIRA MANI: Hira is an actress as well as host of different TV Programs. She got fat after her first child and looked chubby on screen. She took a break from the entertainment industry, shed those extra pounds, and returned back with a smart new look. We can see her nowadays in drama serial Sunn Yaara, where her acting is beautiful.

Jugan kazim slim and fat

JUGGAN KAZIM: Juggan Kazim is a host of a morning show who was initially fat when she started her career. She is one of those artists who went from fat to slim in a very short span of time, although, her transformation is fabulous, and the change has made her more pretty.


AGHA ALI ABBAS: Agha Ali Abbas is a drama artist and belong to a celebrity family, but this wasn’t enough when he wanted to join the showbiz, as he was quiet fat. Before joining in the TV he shed all his extra pounds, and entered in the limelight with all new look. He has some amazing serials on his credit, like shehar-e-yaaran, Rukhsaar, Digest Writer, Andaz-e-Sitam and Tumhare Hain etc.

AYESHA OMAR: Who doesn’t know Ayesha Omar? Of course, a very well known name as an artist, singer and a Vj. When she joined in the entertainment industry she had chubby cheeks, and a doll face which looked beautiful, but to sustain in the industry you need to make efforts and tone in your body, and that is what exactly what she did. Ayesha did a lot of effort to lose that extra pound and come up with sleek jaw line rather than chubby cheeks, and yes, the transformation is wonderful.

Sana nawaz fat smart story

SANA NAWAZ: Our very own film actress Sana, got married at the peak of her career. She then left the showbiz and decided to give time to her family. She has 2 kids which made her gained weight of up to 130 kg. This was a lot of weight that she had to shed once she decided to come back to the entertainment industry. She changed her diet plan, exercising and lots of efforts made her shed 70 kg and then she came back to the industry with a slim and smart personality/

Shedding all that extra body fat is actually not a child’s play. But, if you have made up your mind, then start doing some efforts with full dedication. These celebrities can be your inspiration to lose weight.